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¡Guns n’ Arepas! (A Miami Concert Story)

¡Guns N' Arepas! Chaz Parito looked at his watch then his phone while at a stop light. Both indicated that it was six o’clock. He was late for his first date with a girl named Rica Diego, a high school senior from Central. Chaz, a high school senior from Sawgrass, met her at a book fair two weeks earlier in Miami. His plan was to take her to dinner at a Cuban restaurant in Miami. Then see the Guns N’ Roses concert at the Miami Marlin’s Baseball Field. However, the plan had peeled away Read more [...]

Albert Joseph’s Bravado

Albert Joseph’s Bravado

Black and White Television Shows

Golden Age of Radio

Stories about his childhood:

Melancholy in Monessen,

A football star’s future—

Shortened by the family’s business.

Met a woman from Charleroi,

“Virginia is for Lovers.”

Completed a Family in 1971:

A corner house he purchased at Henry Street

In the borough of N. Belle Vernon.

I recall (those 14 vivid years

And the 16 visiting years),

What I want to recall…

A mill custodian, a provider,

A man Read more [...]