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Mourning—Marshall Boyd

Marshall Boyd’s sixth book for the Falk McCoy Mystery Series is stupendous. Like his previous books, the protagonist, Falk McCoy (Glade’s Hotel Detective and Private Investigator) is working on a case to solve a mystery in a small central Florida town. The broad cast of characters includes many from his previous novels and those who are and who are not trying to find the killer of Vickie Dole—ten years after her murder.


In Mourning, we learn about the spiritual side of Falk’s machismo, but fans of the series need not worry because there are still hints of hard-boiled fiction. McCoy’s wit and tenacity to find the truth are notches in the narrative that are a hallmark of Boyd’s writing.

With quotes from the bible and religion abridged as a preface to particular situations, Boyd has given awareness to Falk that we did not sense before. And when you include the romance and rendezvous with testimonials of illegal activities, Boyd’s stream of consciousness is a trident timeline.

I read Mourning in two days because the tempo and flow of Boyd’s story-line was one that I did not want to stop reading—it’s that good! The a-typical cliffhanger of hard-case stories that I’ve read is not present in Mourning: Once again, the tempo and flow, with the ensemble of characters, is smooth liked a Sade record being played until the needle moves form the groove and voilà, you flip the record for the revelation of the killer.

Simply put, this is a great book. To honor Marshall Boyd’s novel, and previous success, I salute him on this achievement with a beer chosen by Falk McCoy in Mourning: Newcastle Brown. Cheers!

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These books are available on Amazon or FalkMcCoy.com



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    1. The collection of Boyd’s work is fascinating. All four books are a must read. Wanton Needs, the newest novel, is his finest work yet.

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