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Rue—Marshall Boyd

Rue—Marshall Boyd
Rue—Marshall Boyd

Rue is the fifth installment of the Falk McCoy Mystery Series. Since 2012’s breakout book, Faker, Marshall Boyd has delivered to his readers an anthology of prolific private investigator novels. If you’re not a Falk McCoy fan, then I recommend you check into the Glades Hotel in Miami. This is a place where patrons cajole the hard-boiled hotel detective with their investigations while conspiring behind his back. The chronological order of Boyd’s books is: Death of a Dead Man, Faker, Miami Lovers, Wanton Needs, and his current book, Rue. You will be enticed by the mean streets of the Magic City to follow McCoy in a vicarious manner as a consummate companion.

Boyd’s pathos and ethos of Rue are parlayed from a mystery to a whodunit. Aptly put, Rue is a dramatic novel because his characters from the first four novels are interlaced with the Freidmans, a large family, and their friends and foes. The characters in Rue are presented in a format for the reader as if you knew them. Rue is not a reproduction of the last book, nor the previous books. It is a progression in the lives of Falk and his associates. The conclusion will call you back to an earlier time in detective genres, yet Boyd’s modern methods balance the twist of a whodunit.

Rue—Marshall Boyd
Rue—Marshall Boyd

Marshall Boyd’s background beckoned Falk McCoy: Growing up in Dunlap, TN, after WWII with his large family that dealt with economic strife and personal hardships; He went from the fields of Vietnam to studying in the fields of photography and nursing in Miami in the early 1970’s. Eventually, he became an emergency room nurse during the 1980’s. Boyd’s vocation as a writer began in the early 1990’s as a witness to the previous decade: Miami evolved from a sleepy lawn chair laden beach town for retirees to a multi-cultural metropolis of new immigrants, mostly Cubans. Furthermore, he witnessed the peaceful-polis turn to a cocaine crawling, mass murder capital, with hedonistic howls.

Falk McCoy is every bit a bundle of Boyd’s convention: The crucible of war and crime; The crucible of photographs and fatalities; The crucible of recording, documenting, and writing a story about crimes in the Magic City, where murder is a dirge for only a day. And this is why you must read Marshall Boyd’s books—to experience an intriguing timeline beyond the banner.

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    1. The collection of Boyd’s work is fascinating. All four books are a must read. Wanton Needs, the newest novel, is his finest work yet.

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