Summer sessions

Chris Joseph Stancato

“Every great song, has a great story.” This is a quote from my first novella, The Vinyl Record Collection of Stories. For the last seven months I have been attending Broward College for a degree in New Media Communication. My song, influenced by this new academic knowledge and technology and learning another form of poetry called villanelle, is becoming a great story. As a poet of inherited observation it is my obligation to read poetry for an audience. These words of haiku, sonnets, and villanelle are nothing in a closed book. The stage (dive bar, cafe, market, on a street, &c) is where this book is opened for you the listener. It has taken me sometime to find a balance between open mic nights & events and academia, but I have found it. For the remainder of the summer, I will be participating in open mic nights & events listed here and shared with my other social media platforms.

Regards, Chris Joseph Stancato