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I’ll be hosting the Bob Dylan 80th Birthday Event: 21 May Friday in Miami Don’t miss this Great Show! Buy Tickets here: BobDylan

I’ll be reading a villanelle titled “Tambourine Man #80” to begin the night

We will spend the night honoring Dylan’s music & showcasing original music that has spread its way all across the Miami scene. The night’s festivities will be hosted by poet & paperback writer Chris Joseph Stancato aka “Orange Postman,” who will be speaking on Dylan’s influence on literature & film.

Now introducing the Indiana Storyteller: Taylor James Davis

I met Taylor at Churchill’s Pub famous open mic night, Theatre de Underground a few years ago. His original folk and cover songs led the crowd into many memorable moments. Taylor would eventually become the host and introduce those audiences to new talent around town as “Features.” He is our feature and curator for this tribute to Bob Dylan. Taylor James Davis’ summer tour “At Night in the Dark” begins right here in Miami at Bar Nancy on June 1st.

Nick County

Nick County had a desire to see the world. Like Bob Dylan’s travels to document the world before him, Nick has recorded his time. His personal rite of passage became a collection of songs: “Nick County and The All Nite Welders: A Colorful Corner of Northwestern Pennsylvania.” This is a “folk album in spirit…an American amalgam” that he recorded with his Latino Miami brothers in his pastoral town of Pennsylvania.

April Nicole

The first time I saw April Nicole perform was  at Churchill’s Pub for a food drive benefiting the community. Since then this musician and photographer, who has made her home in Miami  after living in Texas  and Rome, Italy, is part of our community in many ways ( supporting the local art scene and environmental projects). April Nicole is a remarkable performer who blends the elements of pop and rock. You can see her performing some solo and collaborative songs at the Bob Dylan tribute. April Nicole will be performing at the following locations: May 13th at Bar Nancy & May 28th at The Anderson.

Eddy Gatoe

I was fortunate to see the talented Eddy Gatoe at Churchill’s Pub Theatre de Underground. Not only is he a great solo performer, but also a part of the popular band, The Collektives. He’ll be one of the fine musicians paying tribute to Bob Dylan.

Lucas Joelton

“A life’s work in the agony and sweat of the human spirit, not for glory and least of all for profit, but to create out of the materials of the human spirit something which did not exist before.”-William Faulkner

Lucas Joelton, an admirer of Faulkner, is influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ray Charles, and Springsteen. We look forward to seeing his performance with Taylor James Davis, April Nicole with their tribute to Dylan with “Highway 61 Revisited.”

Ben Moats

The Rolling Thunder Revue, a documentary about Dylan’s tour with poets and musicians, introduced small town halls with fine musicians similar to the style of Ben Moats. He is a troubadour whose exquisite voice will fill a room (and your heart) with tenderness.

Open Mic Nights

I’ll be reading poetry from my chapbooks: The Supplemental Sonnets, Almanac, Haiku Porticos I, The Literary Mule (Autumn Ballads from a Roman Augur), and new poetry at various locations. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr to see where I’ll be performing.

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