new book for you! supplemental sonnets, almanac. —Chris Joseph Stancato

To the Reader,

Supplemental Sonnets, Almanac.

These twenty sonnets are a product of the pandemic. In March when the global strife affected many with sadness and madness I, like many people, resigned from daily social timelines that provided fulfilment. It was during this time that I contributed to society: helping my family, neighbors, community, small businesses, and I donated blood. Yet with these small contributions to society, I was alone (I’m still alone). However, writing these sonnets became supplemental to that time. I read and studied Petrarch, Shakespeare, Spenser, Milton, the corona by Chapman, and the fourteen-sequence sonnet by Christina Rossetti. These sonnets, and several others, provided me with the fulfillment that I needed. I use the word almanac, with its subtitles on the first page, to offer you poetic patterns for the new year. (I know you will agree that no good forecast can be made without the past.) Some of these patterns are reflective, others address current affairs, but all offer insightful narratives.

This is the time of technology and speed; of instant gratification and social media platforms. A challenging time for some—a difficult time for others. The fast pace demand is only a simple nod to these times as recognition.

If this chapbook of sonnets did not meet your expectations—I will not offer an apology. I will not take back what I have written because it is not in my nature to express regret. Please understand reader, I had regrets in the past. However, this pandemic period has provided me with great introspection.

It is my intention that the objective of this chapbook is to provide a wealth of words and sounds. This objective is to create a place where the fast pace, and instant reciprocation, will give you pleasure reading these sonnets.

—Chris Joseph Stancato

20 January 2021