Love is idle. Three simple words. The Weasels’ Tale.

—Chris Joseph Stancato

The Weasels’ Tale (El cuento de las comadrejas)

Love is idle. Three simple words. The Weasels’ Tale.

On the cornice of comedy, death is always dormant. There is a dark struggle for the comedian to strike the fears of reality and the forces within. The comedian’s delight to humor the crowd dangles high and low, sometimes like a court jester. The court in The Weasels’ Tale is run by a queen, a former starlight actress living in her past. Those court jesters, a trinity of once celebrated artists: an actor, screenwriter, and director. And with this tale, there is a moral to the story presented by two antagonists who intervene the court’s daily routines.   

The Weasels’ Tale (El cuento de las comadrejas) is now playing at the Savor Cinema in Fort Lauderdale and Cinema Paradiso in Hollywood. Before I continue with my review about this well-crafted dark comedic film, I want to briefly state a more important issue about the two aforementioned independent theatres: Safety protocols are in place for you and your family and friends during this period of the pandemic to attend. Both theatres have taken every measure to make you feel comfortable. Please remember, these theatres are local businesses that have addressed the needs and wants for patrons to enjoy the wonderful world of cinema. “The Broward County Film Society presents the annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival and runs [these] two arthouse theaters playing the best in independent, foreign, and local films year-round.” The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival has provided our community, and visitors alike, with many choices to see a variety of films: Drive-In Cinema to their FLIFF’s Movies-On-Demand.

The Weasels’ Tale (El cuento de las comadrejas) is a well-crafted dark comedy. This Argentine film released in the United States with English subtitles is a story that I thoroughly enjoyed. The chemistry between these characters is quick and tight with exquisite elements of imagery and symbolism. The soundtrack is a selection of popular music from the 50’s and 60’s in the United States. This is the best movie I’ve seen in 2020 excluding documentaries. It was funny, witty, and rewarding. The reward is in the realm of possibilities Juan José Campanella, the director of the Oscar Award-winning The Secret in Their Eyes, gives the audience. Campanella sets this stage with the conflict of great drama, the cornice of classical comedy, and the pull of a magnificent mystery.

Love is idle because if you use it for good reasons—everyone wins. Love is idle because if you use it for bad reasons—everyone loses. Love is idle in The Weasels’ Tale because the characters know their roles in the game of life.

The Weasels’ Tale (El cuento de las comadrejas) was directed by Juan Jose Campanella. Writers: Juan Jose Campanella & Darren Kloomok; The cast includes: Graciela Borges: Mara, Oscar Martinez: Norberto, Luis Brandoni: Pedro, Marcos Mundstock: Martin, Clara Lavo: Barbara, and Nicolas Francella: Francisco

Cinema Paradiso Hollywood: Intimate 82-seat venue in the heart of downtown Hollywood’s Arts & Entertainment district, within walking distance of 87 restaurants representing more than 40 countries.

2008 Hollywood Blvd

Hollywood, Florida 33020

Savor Cinema Fort Lauderdale: Unique, 200+ seat theatre in a converted church with plush velvet seats, located just across the New River from downtown Fort Lauderdale and minutes from trendy Las Olas Boulevard.

503 SE 6th Street

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

Chris Joseph Stancato is a paperback writer and poet, The Vinyl Record Collection of Stories, Volume I is his first novella (self-published by Amazon in June 2020).

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