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Super Special Summer Book Release!

The Vinyl Record Collection of Stories, Volume I is a coming-of-age story about Trey Carte, his social timeline—a soundtrack of ten chapters, and the budding relationship with his dad. This compelling collection of stories is set in the borough of Belle Vernon, located in Western Pennsylvania.The time is 1977 at a small house on Water Street. A place where the wealth of rich music, a vast collection of vinyl, creates a unique cohesiveness for Trey and his dad. And with the turntable of time spinning, we follow Trey’s challenges and celebrations. In Volume I, the velocity of vinyl moves to a learning curve with subjects like exploration, adventure, and acknowledgment. The variety of music is poetically pronounced in these short-story chapters. The narrative of Trey Carte, and his relationship with that music prospers chapter by chapter—song by song.

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Available in paperback and Ebook formats, The Vinyl Record Collection of Stories, Volume I is a Super Special Summer Book Release for Everyone.

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Chris Joseph Stancato, Paperback Writer & Poet

Chris Joseph Stancato was born in 1971 in Western Pennsylvania. His father was a first generation Italian-American and his mother was Irish-American. He was raised in North Belle Vernon and moved to Miami in 1989. He has authored a dramatic paperback novel titled A to P and two short-story books: Gas Station Ganja and Serendipia—James and Adaline. He wrote a comprehensive personal review of August Wilson’s ten plays called, The Three Months of August. In Autumn of 2019, he produced a project of poetry and art and music called, The Literary Mule (a concept chapbook series). The first book in The Literary Mule series: “Autumn Ballads from a Roman Augur.” Poetry beckoned him once more, and in the Spring of 2020, he wrote of book of haiku called, Haiku Porticos. This second chapbook is presented with new names and a new haiku form: American-Machina33.  He has written several award-winning short-stories accompanied by literary reviews available on his website: The Vinyl Record Collection of Stories, Volume I, is his second paperback novel.

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