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  • Gas Station Ganja, a comedy: “Mark was right when he said the word of them selling weed would spread around the small towns of the Mon Valley.  Pot heads found their nirvana; the message had spread like smoke signals as the hype around the pipe now had a name: Gas Station Ganja.”
  • Serendipia, James & Adaline, a romance: “I want to hold your body and feel the sunshine in your soul.” Serendipia is a Spanish word which translates to Serendipity in English, is the story about two people, who, by chance, decide to broaden the beauty of a relationship with intense measures and imperfect moments. Serendipia is a romantic story about a thirty-four-year-old South American siren from Venezuela, who becomes involved with a forty-five-year-old handsome Italian-American. Alas, this is a short story of what happens when the engagement of two lovers becomes disengaged, and the subject matter of longevity becomes a question.
  • A to P is a drama about two brothers, Stan and Topher Martini, who were born in the same year, yet completely different in cast and expectations for their livelihoods. One is aggressive in his task to pillage the particularities of family and social timelines. The other brother is passive in his timeline, melancholy in message, and tormented by regret. The story begins in a small town in Western Pennsylvania where the large Martini family resides and, over a fourteen year period, to the Metropolis of Miami where some of the siblings now live. Stan and Topher are unaware of the inevitable collision course that will lead them to a motel in Miami called The Gateway.
  • The Literary Mule is a series of poems, prose, folklore, and short stories, that I have taken from different places, some foreign, some local—a record of creative ideas and influences. Taken by ways of observations and experiences, then documented in a journal to be smuggled as written pages for books and on stages for performances. This transfer of culture from traveling and experiencing music, art, food, and alcohol; sex and romances, Romanticism and the reality of imposing my will to learn landscapes/cityscapes is not measured—only a calling to understand. “Autumn Ballads from a Roman Augur” is the first book in this series.
  • The Three Months of August: This comprehensive review of August Wilson’s ten-plays called the “Pittsburgh Cycle” or “Century Cycle” is about my personal situational over a three month period in which I read (and studied) all of Wilson’s plays. I started with “Jitney” because it was the most relatable. Then I read his plays in chronological order. Everyone can relate to Wilson’s work: Subjects like race, discrimination, and power, are relevant in today’s society. Each of his plays entails the influence of music, song, or dance. I’m certain after you read this review, your appreciation for the great African griot, August Wilson, will be one that leads you to celebrate, as I did, his stories.
Chris Joseph Stancato
Books by Chris Joseph Stancato
The Literary Mule, Autumn Ballad from a Roman Augur
The Literary Mule, Autumn Ballad from a Roman Augur I
The Three Months of August by Chris Joseph Stancato
The Three Months of August by Chris Joseph Stancato

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