¡Meet the Author!

Meet the Author
Photo by @TheFilth83

Taylor Davis Presents: LIVE at Roots Miami Kava & Eatery

Hosted by Taylor Davis Sound and Roots Miami Kava Bar & Vegan Eatery – Wynwood

▶️¡Sábado Gigante! A night of music and vendors at one of the hippest spots in town–

@taylorjamesdavis presents a variety of musical performances and vendors like me! 🍊⭕Join me on this night with some of the best talent in our town! ✔ Roots Kava Miami ℹ🎂YOUR HOST: John Everyman BUT WAIT!! THERE’S MORE!!!🗣 While you’re enjoying the terrific music…Vendors will be available for all your needs: Art to Clothing to Crafts to @powerful_divine balancing the night’s energy!!! Plus…Meet the Author: I’ll be there introducing you to my selection of Literature.

Chris Joseph Stancato
Chris Joseph Stancato aka Orange Postman

Join me tonight for a celebration of music with a variety of vendors!

I’ll be selling my first paperback novel, A to P (A compelling story about two brothers: Stan Martini who is aggressive and his brother Topher who is passive. A dark drama that delivers a poetic and powerful punch!

And The Literary Mule, a concept chapbook series. The first book in this series: “Autumn Ballads from a Roman Augur.” Fourteen poems that express a social timeline with the theme of change. Everyone enjoys Ballad #7 “Riding The Blue Highways” because of it’s call to change the routine of your way of living: “Fuck Routine!”

Paint the town red with a starting point at this great show!

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