A to P Chris Joseph Stancato

L’Allegro or Il Penseroso? Stan or Topher Martini? Find the answer in this compelling story: A to P

A to P

A compelling story about two brothers: One who aggressive in his task to pillage the particularities of family and social timelines and the other, passive in his timeline, melancholy in message, and tormented by regret.

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A to P

This coming of age novel intertwines you into the lives of the two brothers from a small Western Pennsylvania town. Whether it is love, work, family or drugs nothing seems to go right for too long. Just when you begin to lose hope, a ray of sunshine pulls the reader back from the edge of despair

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About the Author

Chris Joseph Stancato was born in 1971 in Western Pennsylvania. His father was a first generation Italian-American and his mother was Irish-American. He grew up in North Belle Vernon and moved to Miami in 1989. He has authored two short-story books: Gas Station Ganja (a comedy) and Serendipia—James and Adaline (a romance)and The Three Months of August (a personal review of August Wilson’s ten plays including three award winning poems). He has written several award winning short-stories that are available on his website: OrangePostman.com A to P is his first novel.

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