Silent Thoughts from the Active Mind—Hubert Malcom

Silent Thoughts from the Active Mind “A pleasant dream, a nightmare or a premonition, will leave memories in our thoughts and questions in our minds, with the will to interpret the experience...”  The aforementioned excerpt from “Sleepless Mind” is part of Hubert Malcom’s body of work titled, Silent Thoughts from the Active Mind. His book is sixty-seven poems canvasing one hundred sixty pages that painterly portray Malcom’s philosophy. The selected works are a prose style accompanied Read more [...]

Speechless—Book Review

Speechless (an autobiography of child murder and rape) When Robert Ben Mitchell asked me to review his autobiography, I accepted based on the lone fact that he had a telling story about his child abuse. And I generally understood that he needed his story, his message of abuse to coincide with the Pennsylvania grand jury report about Catholic priest being abusive in August of 2018. “I want ‘Speechless’ to be more than a book.  I want it to be the beginning of an international conversation Read more [...]

Banned Books for the Book Fair!

Les Clés de Tropic Books de Henry Miller  “I had just made the realization that life is indestructible.” The Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn by Henry Miller were banned in the United States of America for obscenity reasons that deemed each book as pornographic. This essay opens his books (Les Clés-The Keys) for a brief review and cites the peril of halting freedom of speech and hindering freedom of expression. When travelling abroad, I acclimate to the local environment and walk Read more [...]