Independence Day 2018

This Five Star-Spangled Book,

A to P
A to P

A to P, is Raw Americana

“What a wild ride you travel as you read A to P…”

“I found the characters to be relateable…”

“The author keeps your interest piqued throughout with all the different characters!”

Purchase your slice of “American Pie” about “Living in America” and enjoy this dramatic story: A to P

Other Five Star-Spangled Books by Chris Joseph Stancato:

Gas Station Ganja

“A must read for those who enjoy ironic humor.”

Gas Station Ganja
Gas Station Ganja

“It reminds me of small chapter novels, written by NY Times best-sellers that keeps you hooked.”

“I caught myself laughing aloud a…It is a great, quick read.”

“A great weed, I mean read,” to purchase: Gas Station Ganja

Serendipia James & Adaline

“An enjoyable, short, and moving read. The author displays deep emotion and explores a world of romance, lust, friendship, and the often difficult and rocky navigation of finding that one true soul mate.”

“This was about Love, the second time around.” Buy Serendipia James & Adaline to find out the first time. 


All these books, Gas Station Ganja (Comedy), Serendipia James & Adaline (Romance) and my featured novel, A to P (Drama) are available on Amazon: Chris Joseph Stancato or by following the links.

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