Tom Wolfe Gets Back to Blood


Tom Wolfe Gets Back to Blood

"Back to Blood" by Tom Wolfe

Tom Wolfe Gets Back to Blood is a film about Tom Wolfe’s study of the Magic City. I learned a great deal about his nature for retaining the social environment of people. While he walked around Miami scoping, telescoping, noting, writing, and interacting with different people, you felt as if you were walking with this man in the white suit.

As a Miamian I could truly appreciate the footage of the great author ambling through the city with respect to our culture.

An interview from the film lets us know that Tom Wolfe has a liberty to make a choice about his overview of the city. He can write about daily living and giving that can be beautiful and strange. Or dump our grand portrait into the Everglades, recover it, place it in the Art Deco District and drag it over a causeway hoping it is not devoured before it reaches downtown.

This documentary shows a man who was looking to script the normal urban sprawl that big cities maintain, and offer the reader Miami’s perspective of a Caribbean crawl. Highlighting our large immigrant population, tropical landscape; and architecture and Cuban politics. A multicultural city that is very much Americana while retaining the blood lines of their countries.

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