Serendipia James & Adaline

Serendipia James & Adaline

The author’s struggle to convey the essence of the turmoil the two lovers’ experience is palpable. The wounds his characters carry are deep, invisible, lingering: unwarranted remorse the sorrowed must endure. Serendipia. Read it.” Marshall Boyd, Author of the Falk McCoy series

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Amazon EBook

James walked from the brief conversation with his neighbor about his divorce in a dire mood. He stepped in his house with elapsed echoes of his family. The preemptive notion placed a knot in what would have been an otherwise free-thinking evening. A few months passed and the weekend of the clocks falling back an hour arrived. In James’ eyes the shortness of sunny skies belied the beauty of the autumn season. The past two years of his life during this season, had nothing left to claim. In his fight to reclaim the ‘good years’ from a young man with wonder to a man with little means, he sat on a chair facing the north-east view of his window. James, a full time worker by day and a writer by night, completed a story on his blog when the loud shroud of his neighbor’s comments collected on his mind. Thankfully the dusk offered James a perception through the window of his studio with a distraction of hues: orange, yellow, and blue with stretched frames of white clouds, plaited pastels.

James Martini exited the Miami-Dade County Courthouse in mid-July and rambled to his car with ambitions, some retro, some future, but all tied to a divorced man. “I’m going to enjoy a late but well deserved breakfast, then shave this beard,” He thought as his fingers rolled through the month-long layers of his facial hair while his stomach roared for food.

Four months earlier Adaline Rubí exited the Broward County Courthouse with similar ambitions, although her first priority was about her nine year old daughter, Camilla. “I’m going to pick up my baby at school and hold her in my arms until I can’t,” She thought on her drive to her apartment of three months.

The trail of transition between these two individuals were parallel, however, the margin of their previous marriages was marked by different milestones. James’ divorce was based on distrust. Adaline’s divorce was based on escaping an alcoholic whose womanizing and verbal abuse pushed her to a poignant move of taking Camilla away.

Both pondered their outlook in the lay of the land for divorcees. For James, who would continue living in the house he shared with his wife and two step-daughters, the home had too many material memories. He had a plan to do one room at time and empty the dwelling by selling most of the furniture and boxes of furnishings that once held onto the walls. It was a two-fold formula for James who balanced out the binge selling to make some much needed money.

As for Adaline, she left her apartment that she shared with her husband of ten years and moved into an apartment to rent. She started over with used furniture and some household furnishings.

James and Adaline shared similar situations in their request to annul the marriage. They also had a need to commence without the past in a new course. These ambitions for one to reinvent a life and the other to regain compassion would ultimately bring them together. But each had fences in place for protection occupied with vines of their former lives as a reminder. One person had cut the vines and the other person had grown flowers for concealment. James and Adaline crossed these fences equally to find a spirit of unequivocal passion.

Serendipia, a Spanish word which translates to Serendipity in English, is the story of two people, who by chance, decide to broaden the beauty of a relationship with intense measures and imperfect moments. Serendipia is a romantic story about a thirty-four year old South American siren from Colombia, who becomes involved with a forty-five year old handsome Italian-American. Alas, this is a short story of what happens when the engagement of two lovers becomes disengaged, and the subject matter of longevity becomes a question.

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YouTube Preview Serendipia James & Adaline Book Trailer





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