The Three Months of August

The Three Months of August


Ten years after the death of America’s greatest playwright, August Wilson, we continue to view his social timeline called the ‘Pittsburgh Cycle’ a masterpiece.

The Three Months of August by Chris Joseph Stancato
The Three Months of August

The Three Months of August is based on the perspectives of the ‘Pittsburgh Cycle’ and my personal consequences of a cycle that entailed: separation, divorce, and death. In this matter, Wilson’s ten plays paralleled the pivotal periods of a difficult situation yet provided me with solace to abscond from my problems. It was not my intention, nor was it my goal to read and review each play. However, after reading Jitney and then viewing the documentary entitled, The Ground on Which I Stand about the great playwright’s life, I made a decision to step in the path of the griot.

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