The Lone Wolfe

The Lone Wolfe

The Lone Wolfe
The Lone Wolfe

Winner of the 24-Hour Short Story Contest Selection

“The Mac Dad will make you…Jump! Jump! The Daddy Mac will make…Jump! Jump!” Lisa sang as she held onto the rope that swung over Wolfe Lake.

“Then ‘Jump!’ already, Lisa!” Terrence yelled while their friends laughed at her from the bank. She let go and plunged into the cool water with her two middle fingers pointed at Terrence.

“Hey Terrence, what does this mean (Ginger and Elaine give him the middle finger as well)?”

“It means I hang out with a bunch of imbeciles. Give me the rope. You know, for soon to be seniors of the Class of 1992, you act like you’re graduating from middle school,” Terrence returned with a smile.

Ginger stepped back to the boom box and turned up the volume as he and Elaine began to jump to the song like little kids, yelling into the shade of the oak trees, “Kris Kross will make you…Jump! Jump!”

Lisa laughed as she tread in the water and said, “Come on ‘Jump’!”

Terrence took a few steps back and the song was replaced by a loud piercing signal.

“That is you signal to go,” Elaine said.

“It’s probably about the storm. My mom told me we might get a hurricane,” Terrence said and then took the leap with the rope and dove close to Lisa.

“You’re such a momma’s boy!” Ginger screamed as Terrence shook his head and made his way over to Lisa.

Lisa and Terrence had been dating since their junior year in high school. Ginger and Elaine was a couple too, but his affection for Elaine was just for sex. Elaine was well aware that their situation was only going to last the length of the school year. She had no solid plans after high school other than the invite by Ginger to party with him once he began at the University of Florida. Elaine and Terrence dated during their sophomore year for a few weeks. She dated a few guys that year, partied a lot, became pregnant, and had an abortion. Needless to say, Elaine’s below average grades and lack of concentration in the class room added to her reputation as a ‘whore.’ The first person she looked for to begin senior year was Terrence, however, he met Lisa over the summer while they both worked at the mall. Eventually, she began an effort to date just one boy and this was Ginger. She hoped that he would be like Terrence, it was not meant to be. Ginger played her like he played dominoes, either in his hand or on the table, and after they had sex, he’d turn her over, and shuffle her around until he was ready to use her again for his benefit. Elaine looked at Lisa with an inherent jealously. Lisa was well aware of her dislike, yet she tolerated her because Ginger was Terrence’s best friend.

They sat down on the blanket and began to eat some sandwiches. Wolfe Lake Park was mostly empty except a few guys fishing on the other side. It was seven-thirty and the park would be closing soon. Elaine pulled out a joint and lit it.

“What are you doing?” Lisa said as she looked around.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Are you worried that the dirty old men fishing want to smoke after they just finished fucking us with their eyes? Don’t be so fucking paranoid!” Elaine said.

Ginger sharply responded, “Ok, take it easy Elaine.”

“Turn that up Ginger, they’re talking about that storm again,” Terrence said with concern as he listened to the broadcast.

“We have our latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center…it looks like Hurricane Andrew is heading our way…it might take a dip, but the storm is growing in size and strength.”

“We should probably go. I’m sure my mom’s freaking out,” Lisa said.

“‘We should probably go,’ I’m sure my mommy is worried.” Elaine said.

“Chill out! What is your deal?” Terrence said as he stood up on the blanket. “Ginger, we’re leaving.” Terrence saw that Ginger gave Elaine a nasty look, so he backed off from blaming her. “The park is going to close anyways. In fact, I see the park ranger pulling in with his truck.”

“No problem, Bro.” Ginger said to him as he stared at Elaine. “We’ll get together, the three of us that is, after the storm.”

Terrence and Lisa got in his car and Ginger followed with the blanket and cooler. “Where is Elaine?” Terrence said.

“I’ll take care of it; she’s probably getting stoned back on the trail. Go ahead. Don’t worry about us. My aunt lives down the street, so we’ll walk to her house.”

Ginger walked back to the trail but couldn’t find Elaine. “Where the fuck is she?” He said with anger. He then heard the chain link of the fence and ran over to the bank of the farthest point of the lake. “Fuck!” He realized they would have to jump the fence. It was getting late and the winds were shaking the once calm shadows of the oak trees. “Elaine! Elaine!”

“I’m here!”

He turned like the clouds above, but couldn’t locate her call. He began to walk along lakeside, calling out her name when she called once more.

“Where are you?” He said with an angry voice.

“I’m here!” Elaine said as she jumped from behind the bushes. She was laughing and pointing at him. “What a loser. You can’t find me, but you could find another whore to fuck.”

“You know, you’re stoned let’s go.”

“Here, here, take a hit with me, come on, one hit, let’s fuck right here before the world ends.” She said while embracing him.

He pushed her away. She fell to the ground.

“You’re the fucking whore!” Ginger said.

Elaine began to sob and stared at him. “Help me up,” She said in a pleading manner.

Ginger apologized and reached down to pull her up. She placed all her weight on the bank and extended one hand. He lowered and she wacked him in the head with a large rock. He fell to her side in pain, held his head as blood began to gush. She raised both her hands with the rock and pounded his head once more. He was unconscious.

“Why couldn’t you be like Terrence?” Another bash as his head became imbedded along the bank. She tossed the rock into the lake, and then pulled his body against the ripples.

“You’re right Ginger…the three of us will hang out soon.”

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