Death of a Dead Man—Marshall Boyd


“What is unusual in Miami…? Everything is unusual,” Orlando Mano tells Falk McCoy on a corner street at his fruit stand near the Glades Hotel.
“Death of a Dead Man” is Marshall Boyd’s second book in the Falk McCoy Mystery series. It is the prequel to “Faker” and it offers the reader an inside look at Boyd’s characters. “Faker” is a great mystery that stands on its own two feet. “Death of a Dead Man” compliments his first book. McCoy’s rough exterior and side winding sarcasm continues to thrive in this story.

"Death of a Dead Man" by Marshall Boyd
“Death of a Dead Man” by Marshall Boyd

We also see the relationship develop between McCoy and Detective Buckley with their association of being in the police academy. In this story Falk’s soon to be ex-wife becomes a pivotal tool. As the relationship wanes with Jessie, he realizes she not his love, but someone else’s lover. This dichotomy between his past with her and his need to keep her safe is now challenged by  the Mob’s female assistant.

Philadelphia to Miami, McCoy travels to search into the past of a Senate inquiry involving several Mafioso. Falk goes to the City of Brotherly Love to gather information about the mysterious death of Willy Brandt, who rented an office in the Glades Hotel. After some research he returns to Miami and finds himself caught in the middle of the Mafioso with two Mobsters.

“Death of a Dead Man” is a stupendous mystery story. Marshall Boyd’s method of prolific writing is very meticulous and descriptive. Boyd offers the reader an exclusive look into the scene of manipulating Mobsters in Miami. He tells the story so you can sense the talking, walking, and at times the beat down of Falk McCoy.
I recommend “Death of a Dead Man,“ in the Falk McCoy Mystery series to all those who want a refreshing investigative story. Everything is unusual in Miami and Marshall Boyd’s story is a pure reflection of the Magic City.

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