Gas Station Ganja

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Gas Station Ganja
Gas Station Ganja


Frank Martini, a soon to be senior at Belle Vernon Area High School, was working at the Brawn service station in the summer of 1979. An energy crisis had gripped the nation by the means of a gasoline shortage. Long lines to purchase gasoline were wrapped around city blocks, large and small.

In the small town Belle Vernon, located in southwestern Pennsylvania, those same long lines went for miles from the only two service stations, Brawn and Tiger.

On a hot day in June, Frank is on his way home after finishing his shift at Brawn. He is walking pass the metal centipedes of cars accompanied by the sounds of impatient horns being honked to move forward. Amongst the cacophony of cars, are resourceful locals cashing in on those who are inconvenienced: People selling and parked patrons yelling for available products, such as water and snacks.

Frank thought of an idea that would allow him to roll in the dough, but how far would his idea go…

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Gas Station Ganja


Book Trailer for Gas Station Ganja is available at the following:               Orange Postman (YouTube)

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