Miami Lovers — Marshall Boyd

Miami Lovers – Marshall Boyd

Falk McCoy sits in repose on a park bench in Bicentennial Park thinking about romance. Love all around in the park and love abound in the city. He takes the moment to reflect about his one love.

One love, however pure and passionate the moment exists – will not be his only focus. For Falk McCoy, the Glades Hotel detective, it will be the broad avenues of love that he will take to investigate another mystery.

Miami Lovers is the third book in the Falk McCoy mystery series written by Marshall Boyd. The story is an excellent read on the city and the people of Miami. The locality for the setting of the story allows you to interact through Falk with Miami’s Latin culture.

Falk is once again home sweet home in the Glades Hotel.  And Garcia, the manager of the Glades Hotel, ask his hotel detective and part-time investigator to meet with a wealthy Bolivian who has rented out the entire 12th floor. Vaso, the Bolivian businessman, is in need to inquire about a love interest in the name of Deborah Cushman, a fashion designer.

As Falk McCoy investigates Deborah Cushman, he learns there is more than love at stake for Vaso. The issues that Falk learns stretch from Miami to New York, and to Cuba. The engaging storyline keeps you in toe with McCoy as he reveals the truths about Vaso.

Marshall Boyd offers the reader a taste of Miami in two forms: One is the taste of Palomino steaks and El Presidente beer; sweet Latin pastries and café cubano. The other taste is that of the women chosen by Vaso’s security guard known as “Eye patch” and McCoy’s security employee for the Glades Hotel named, Cordoso. Both men choose a Brazilian named Christina who will disappoint and surprise them.

Even Falk McCoy receives a surprise from his one love – Mystel.  She returns in an important role in the book.  The two of them engage from a rendezvous to a risky situation.

The characters in Miami Lovers have very strong personalities. Boyd’s dialogue between these characters delivers a formidable sequence of events.

Falk McCoy tells Diego Vaso in their initial meeting that is an underlining theme in the story. “Love isn’t easily concealed, if this is your secret, I’m sure others are aware.”

Miami Lovers is the story about the love of relationships, greed, and power.

Marshall Boyd’s third installment in the three book series of Falk McCoy is a great addition. I highly recommend this book along with his two other books: Faker and Death of a Dead Man

Marshall Boyd’s Falk McCoy’s mystery series are available at and Amazon.

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